What are your Initials?

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If it’s on Oprah’s “O List” well then it’s definitely on mine! Are you looking for a new trendy piece of jewelry that would make the perfect gift? Either for a new mommy, birthday gift, or something just for yourself!

Personalized Monogrammed Necklaces are definitely the perfect gift for any occasion! Each necklace is hand crafted and personalized just for you!

This necklace is one of my favorite items for summer! It comes in a slew of colors: Pink, Turquoise, Navy Blue, Grey, Purple, Black, Fuchsia, Hunter Green, Orange, Royal Blue, Red and that’s just to name a few. It is also available in 3 different sizes, Small: 1 ¼ inches Medium: 1 ½ inches Large: 2 inches. You also have 2 options for the chain, Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil both are, 16” – 18” inches on an adjustable split chain. The monogram comes in a beautifully elegant script of three letters of your choice made out of acrylic.

My favorite is in a Medium size, with Black writing, on a Sterling Silver split chain! It looks so sharp! Its definitely going to be my “go-to” item in my jewelry box!

This necklace will add just enough “POP” of color to any outfit that you want to dress up. What are you waiting for ladies? Shop Presence of Piermont to get yours today and receive FREE Shipping! (Please allow 2-3 weeks)





Make it worth it!

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Good Morning!! Just a little something to get your through the weekend! Give them something to look at!!




The story of my life!

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Presence of Piermont

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Because…Presentation Is Everything.


SHOPPING!!! What girl doesn’t love to shop? I’m going to introduce you to a little gem in the heart of Piermont, NY, Presence of Piermont. This boutique is my go-to for all things PRETTY! Whether it be a gift, cards, wall decor, baby items, furniture, notebooks, jewelry, or candles, Fara Beth knows exactly how to fill her store with the most unique items that you won’t see anywhere else.

About Fara Beth:

Fara Beth used to shop different boutiques for unique items. She always had a problem finding something she loved. So instead of continuing her search, she decided to open her dream store. Her shelves are stocked with products and items she loves and has a passion for.

When I started working in Piermont 5 years ago at the salon next door, I always found myself in her store on every break I had. My favorite part of the day was when the FedEx or UPS truck would pull up outside and drop off a million packages. I would run in and see what hot new items just got delivered. Every holiday, party, or birthday I always go to Presence for my gifts. Not to mention all the items I have obviously purchased for myself!!

Sometimes I find myself saying I wish I knew about Presence before I started working at the salon. I could have always seen myself working in this boutique. Fara Beth and I share a love and passion for a lot of the same things. So in continuing to make dreams come true… Fara Beth has given me an amazing opportunity to work with her! We have decided to share our passion together. Please check back weekly to see all my favorites!

I invite you all to SHOP Presence of Piermont http://presenceofpiermont.com/index.aspx

Like Presence of Piermont on FACEBOOK!! https://www.facebook.com/Presenceny

Follow Fara Beth                                               http://www.farabeth.wordpress.com/



My hair goddess

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Keep calm and read on!

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Thank you to everyone that is following my blog! It really means a lot to me! This is just the beginning of making my dreams come true! I’m so happy everyone is enjoying it as much as I am! I have a love for beauty and love that I can share it with all of you! Read on and follow me if you aren’t already!



Beauty is in the EYES of the beholder.

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If you talked to me a month ago I would have told you that I would NEVER thread my eyebrows EVER!! Well, that has now all changed. I now will ONLY thread. Everyone always told me how painful it was and the look of it was always so weird to me. Until I decided to experience it for the first time!

Your eyebrows play an extremely important role in enhancing the beauty of your eyes. The perfect brow has a huge impact on the overall look of your face. With that being said threading is the most accurate form of hair removal, which will get the exact eyebrow shape you have always wanted.

There are also a lot of benefits of threading over waxing. The thread they use is 100% cotton, which means you aren’t putting any chemicals, artificial products, or waxes on your skin. You won’t have to worry about burning or having any rashes. You as the client can even last up to 4 weeks between visits. Long term you won’t have to worry about wrinkles around your eyes because while wax tugs, pulls, and stretches your skin, threading doesn’t do any of that!

The only disadvantage of eyebrow threading people say is the pain. I would definitely have to argue that statement though. The only way threading can be painful is if the threader is inexperienced. I can actually close my eyes and relax while this is going on unlike waxing or tweezing.

BUT listen up ladies.

Pain is BEAUTY!

Give it a try!

You will never go back!




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